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Mediation School

ADR is the strongest tool for a Lawyer today but highly ignored Subject in Law Schools generally.

But not us.

Enrol with us to learn all about the Future of Global Justice System.


Overview of the Course

This course is carefully crafted in order to strengthen a student’s grip on the working of Mediation and other ADR methods. This course will follow the standardised Overview of Course Content and will include lecture on topics such as:

  1. Understanding Conflict and Disputes: Modes of Dispute Resolution, need for ADR & the importance of Mediation.

  2. Mediation and Restorative Justice: Theory of restorative justice and its application, Gandhian principles of non-violent conflict resolution, traditional mediation practices in India and abroad.

  3. Mediation Laws in India: Judicial interpretation and relevant case law, dispute resolution institutions in India.

  4. Key Concepts in Mediation: Essential elements, process and stages, approaches to Mediation, role of the mediator.

  5. Importance of Communication: Elements of verbal and non-verbal communication, effective and ineffective communication techniques.

  6. Conducting Effective Mediation: Decision-making techniques, problem-solving tactics, ensuring positive outcomes.

  7. Qualities and Skills of Mediators: Developing mediation skills, code of ethics, confidentiality requirements.

  8. Status of Mediated Agreements: Drafting of agreements, sanctity of mediated agreements, enforcement laws and procedures

  9. Important Developments in Mediation: Growth of virtual dispute resolution, Pre-Institution Mediation, UNCITRAL Model Law, Singapore Convention.

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Dr. Ashu Dhiman


Chief Advisor at MediateGuru Global Advisory Board,

Author of Various Textbooks)

  • LinkedIn


Dr. Dhiman regularly judges various National and International competitions such as 20th INADR’s Mediation Tournament, Vis Middle East Moot, 7th NLSIU’s NMC etc. and give her valuable feedback to students in order to help them excel in their field. Dr. Dhiman has given various online Webinars and Workshop training sessions which were attended by 1000s of students & legal practitioners coming from over 100 countries. Dr. Dhiman grooms her student which help her students to achieve success.

Dr. Dhiman is also Elected Chief Advisor at MediateGuru’s Global Advisory Board for tenure 2021 – 2023, where she regularly give her valuable advice and consultation to the Partners and Associates in the firm and stay actively involved in operations of the firm. Further, she also represents MediateGuru in many landmark institutions such as NLSIU etc and give her Welcome Addresses.


 Why Opt with us? 


 Enrolment Certificate in   MediateGuru's Mediation  School 


 Internship Opportunity with experienced Mediators.


 Networking opportunity  with your Future Colleagues.


 Notes & Study Material as well as Mentorship to excel   in your Career.


  • Classes will be on Weekends (Sat-Sun)

  • Commencement Date - 22nd Jan 2022

  • Conclusion Date - 13th Feb 2021

  • Per session timing: 90-minute class Total

  • Number of classes: 8 (over 4 weekends)

  • Total Number of Hours: 12 hours.

  • Minimum Attendance Required for Eligibility of Certificate: 70%



Kindly register your interest to join the Mediation School’s First Batch at the Google form provided below. After initial screening process, if selected you’ll be provided with Confirmation of your Selection and your slot will be provisionally booked (pending fee payment for the class)




Kindly note that the deadline for Registration shall be 20th January 2022

Number of Seat(s)

Kindly note that there are LIMITED SEATS available for the class and the enrolments shall be given on First Come – First Serve Basis.

Registration Fee

Kindly note that the registration fee shall be: Indian National – Rs. 3,000/-

Foreign National - $50/-

In case of any query

Ms. Garima Rana

+91 8800474226

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